Telecommunication and Technology

Fast moving and continually innovating, the telecommunications and technology system has dramatically changed the way in which individuals, businesses and societies operate in recent decades. Advances in the telecommunications and technology system, which is a key enabler of the fourth industrial revolution, have an impact on most industry sectors.

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Action is focused on positive contribution

The system shows perfect alignment between the top five SDGs that have been prioritized by companies and those where respondents feel they have the most positive impact. Although social SDGs are less prioritized overall, companies in this system have ranked gender equality as the second most prioritized SDG.

Ambition setting

Overall, the system has a moderate level of target setting — 55 per cent or more — for all but one of the top priority SDGs. Similarly, more than 70 per cent of respondents are developing products and services to support the SDGs.

Goal 5: Gender Equality as a key industry focus

Close to 60 per cent of companies recognize the level of challenge required to deliver on Goal 5: Gender Equality. Less than half, however, believe there is a collective vision or an agreed approach  to deliver on the ambition  by 2030.

Sustainable transition needs 

The telecommunications and technology system is well placed to support the SDGs in the Decade of Action. Ambition and leadership at the right levels, but scale needed to achieve systemic change. Collaboration is critical and 43 per cent of respondents stated they collaborate with private and public organizations to advance the SDGs.