Mobility and Transportation

Acting as the circulatory system of the global economy, the mobility and transportation system moves a huge volume of goods and people across land, sea and air. It enables people to reach work, companies to trade in global value chains and leisure and tourism to thrive.

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 Climate action is a priority and progress is happening

Mobility and transportation is one of the few systems where Goal 13: Climate Action is a priority and a large percentage of respondents are also setting emissions reduction targets (78%).

Products and services supporting the SDGs

Target setting relating to the SDGs is strong within this system, but the system falls behind others for developing products and services to support the SDGs.

Greater recognition and action required

Within this system, there is some alignment between the SDGs that individual companies are prioritizing and those they feel are a priority for the industry as a whole. For instance, 75 per cent of respondents stated Goal 13: Climate Action was most important for their industry. However, less than 60 per cent stated the challenge is recognized and only 30 per cent stated there is an agreed approach for transition.

Sustainable transition needs 

With the rise of new green deals, such as the European Green Deal to become carbon neutral by 2050, there is a need for companies to act now to avoid future financial penalties. Innovation and emerging infrastructure are already happening to support the green transition, but more is needed at scale. Critical to a sustainable transition is industry-government collaboration, collaboration across the value chain and CEO leadership and access to finance.