Połączenie DNV z GL

20 grudnia 2012 roku Fundacja DNV i Mayfair podpisały porozumienie o połączeniu DNV Group i GL group w DNV GL Group.

  • On 20 December 2012, the DNV Foundation and Mayfair signed an agreement to merge the DNV Group and GL group of companies to form the DNV GL Group (which will be referred to as DNV GL). The DNV Foundation will own a 63.5% share of the new organisation; Mayfair, the private owner of GL, 36.5%.
  • This is a historic moment for DNV and GL - as two leaders within our industries, we are combining to have a greater global impact for a safe and sustainable future. Together, we will be one of the world’s leading classification societies; a leading independent service provider in oil and gas; and an energy technology powerhouse, leading in wind, and power transmission and distribution. We will also reinforce our position as one of the top three certification bodies in the world.
  • By seizing this opportunity to merge with GL, DNV is fortifying the market position of all three of its companies. Our customers will benefit from our combined technological expertise and enhanced capabilities for innovation. The global reach and infrastructure of DNV GL will be second to none, strengthening our ability to provide expert services to new and existing customers around the world.
  • With a breakthrough as big as this, there will inevitably be changes in the organisation – both within DNV and GL. It cannot be guaranteed that every position will exist as it does today. However, this merger is about growth for impact and we will need our people. We have a highly educated, highly competent workforce. As we move forward, we will need to be flexible so that we can adapt to serve the growing parts of our market.
  • The increased size and global presence of DNV GL will present many opportunities for professional growth such as: working with new projects and customers, collaborating with new colleagues, experiencing new geographies, and using your skills in a new way.
  • A business plan for 2013-2015 has been agreed upon up front to establish a framework for the merged organisation, including the alignment with DNV Purpose, Vision and Values. Employee representatives have been involved throughout the negotiation process to ensure that employee interests are integral to business planning.
  • Once the deal is signed, formal approval from the competition authorities is expected midyear 2013; until then we remain competitors and cannot cooperate with each other commercially or behave differently towards each other in commercial projects than we did prior to the signing of the agreement. However, integration planning can begin from January 2013. Emphasis will be placed on establishing a considerate and respectful process for employees in both organisations moving forward.