Learn more about what we do in Poland, how we embed our purpose in our day-to-day business, and why it makes sense to make a career with us.

Why it make sense to grow professionally with us?

Learn more about what we do in Poland


We are a group of colleagues, working together to deliver top quality software for QHSE and Risk Management (Synergi Life). Our applications are used by over 500 000 users, what helps DNV to realize its purpose of safeguarding life, property and environment.

  • We work on core applications features as well as deliver interface products like APIs, mobile apps, using among others TypeScript, React, Redux, .NET Core, .NET 6, Dapper, MS SQL
  • We work with Azure and Azure DevOps to deliver SaaS deployment pipelines using  e.g. Yaml, Terraform, Powershell
  • We try to take the best of agile methodologies, currently we follow adapted version “scrum-ban” process with every 5 weeks release


In Veracity Engineering in DNV we are supporting our clients from Energy, Maritime, Health industries and DNV itself in digital transformation. Our portfolio is extensive as we continuously work on new  projects. We have already completed over 100 projects

  • We are the team of 40+ software specialists including Data Engineers, Full Stack and Fronted Developers, UI/UX Designers, QA Engineers and Site Reliability Engineers,
  • We participate in attractive projects, cooperate with domain professionals and other development teams worldwide and work in an agile way with the latest technologies,
  • We skillfully use .NET Core, React, Redux, Blazor, Azure, Databricks, Kubernetes.


Our full stack team builds Smart Cable Guard, a system which is used to predict and localize, with significant precision, energy cable failures. Each day is an opportunity to learn or bring something new to the world. 

  • Sensors, IoT edge, and computing platform are designed in DNV. Thanks to that, we can work on all stages of data communication. 
  • The massive back-end works in Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) and .NET 5.0 as fully scalable, distributed platforms with availability higher than 99,6% of the time.
  • The notifications are sent to our clients in near real-time using mTLS, SMS, Emails, and Push. 
  • Our computation and analytics visualizations are created based on cutting-edge big data solutions, such as Azure Storage, ElasticSearch, Cassandra, or Prometheus.


The purpose of my team is to accelerate cloud adoption at DNV through supporting development of cloud-native solutions. We improve the production efficiency by realizing the following benefits of the Cloud Platform: high availability , cost effectiveness, high efficiency, security  and customer experience.​

  • Our primary working tool is Azure Cloud platform (with focus on Management and Governance, Databases and Storage, Compute, Networking, Security, and Identity services)
  • We work with Azure DevOps to deliver deployment pipelines and scripting tools such as Powershell for process automation
  • We create reports and visualisations using business intelligence tools e.g. Power BI


Our Cloud Architecture Services Team enables and supports adoption of the Cloud as a primary environment. We bridge Software Development and Cloud Operations groups through securing seamless process of migrating existing DNV solutions to the Cloud, supporting systems re-architecting to achieve their higher cloud-awareness, and taking a part in designing new breed of truly cloud-native solutions.

  • Our primary task is to provide DNV systems with flexible scaling, optimal performance,  hardened security,  compliance to standards, ease of operations, insightful monitoring and reliable business continuity / disaster recovery strategies
  • Our tools vary greatly, from PowerShell scripts, through ARM templates, Azure DevOps, Kubernetes and containerization tooling to Visio architectural diagrams
  • Our roles include Cloud Architect, SecDevOps and Operation specialist, Cloud Infrastructure Administrator


Collaboration Platform is part of a bigger Renewable and Ocean Structures Product Center in DNV. Our ultimate goal is to help our customers safely transition to new and clean sources of energy - like Wind and Solar. 

  • We are Software Developers, Software Architects , UX Designers, Security Engineers and Test Automation Engineers - truly exceptional people with a lot of experience which makes our unit perfect place to start or develop any career further,
  • We use modern development tools like Azure Dev Ops, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Docker; fully automated build and release pipelines; code reviews and agile process,
  • Sesam Insight, is a modern Web application which we built with Angular 13 and .NET Core 3.1 and running on Azure Service Fabric cluster entirely on the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Currently we are in the transition to Kubernetes cluster from Azure Service Fabric.