Emission Trading Verification Service

The service meets the EU ETS and other programme requirements for verifying baseline and annual greenhouse gas emissions and for developing an approved monitoring plan.

The problem of controlling greenhouse gas emissions can be addressed in several ways. First developed under the Kyoto Protocol, emission trading allows for co-operation between countries or organisations. Some countries and companies have very high emission levels while others may have very low levels. Emission trading allows a low emission entity to sell its emission allowance to a high emission entity. Under the EU ETS, verification of your installations' annual emissions is required to determine whether you are in compliance with your allowance. 

The EU ETS requires that greenhouse gas emissions from your installation are verified annually. We have developed a robust audit process and employs sectorial expertise for the verification of corporate greenhouse gas monitoring and reporting systems. The required independent review confirms whether your company is monitoring and reporting greenhouse gas emissions as prescribed by the EU guidelines. This allows you to carry out any necessary adjustments before the year-end audit and reconciliation of emissions.

The service covers three main components: 

  • Baseline verification: An independent verification of your emission base year emissions can provide you with precise arguments the authorities can take into account during the allocation of your allowances.
  • Annual verification: Under the EU ETS, verification of your installations' annual emissions is required to determine whether you are in compliance with your allowance.
  • Systemic approach: Management system in place that enables verification and submission of data in accordance with legal requirements.

Our climate change specialists have a broad greenhouse gas verification and certification expertise combined with specific industry knowledge. As a leading independent greenhouse verifier operating globally, we believe in a partnership approach that benefits you and your organization.


  • An independent assessment of your current emission inventory gives an overview of your business' emission status.
  • Development of approved monitoring plan required for an EU ETS permit.
  • Verified baseline emissions provides case for establishing allowance.
  • Establish a management system to meets ETS timeline requirements.
  • Establish need for purchase or sale of permits.

How it works

The required independent review and development of monitoring plan. Verification of base year emissions.

Work with you to schedule a cost-effective annual verification process. The verifications for EU ETS will be carried out according to EU 600/2012 Accreditation and Verification Regulation (AVR) of 21 June 2012.

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