DNV delivers online turbine technology training

Online training courses increase accessibility and flexibility for global wind industry participants interested in gaining in-depth knowledge of modern turbine technology.

Three key benefits:

  • Online availability allows participants from all countries to join training courses
  • Remote learning allows for easier integration of training modules into daily schedule of commercial work
  • Increased flexibility and agreement with commercial working schedule increases enrolment in advanced training courses

About the customer
Wind turbine, owners and operators are responsible for running complex assets with a broad technical scope, which is continuously evolving. Not only are wind turbines getting bigger, their technical capabilities are constantly being developed further. Having a broad understanding of turbine technology is vital to engage in technical interactions with confidence and awareness.

DNV provides wind energy stakeholders with an unbiased insight into the modern wind turbine design process, techniques, disciplines and tools. Having worked in the wind industry across all global markets and with all stakeholder groups for more than 30 years, DNV’s team of wind experts provide balanced insights into wind turbine technology, which is relevant to manufacturers, developers, owners and financial institutions alike.

The customer challenge
Wind industry professionals wishing to broaden their knowledge as well as stakeholders involved in wind farm or turbine development and operation are expected to have a solid in-depth understanding of wind turbine technology. Traditionally, DNV has been running physical classroom-based training courses at its Bristol office in the UK.

In order to expand the reach the training course to global wind industry stakeholders in other renewable energy markets outside Europe, DNV’s training experts were looking to develop a course that can be delivered remotely.

Additionally, the recent travel restrictions and social distancing requirements imposed in many countries due to the COVID-19 crisis, prohibited the delivery of traditional physical classroom training.

DNV’s solution
DNV’s wind turbine experts have developed an interactive e-learning course to enable participants to benefit from the training regardless of their location and without requiring anyone to travel to participate.

The training course has been adapted to fit the online learning preferences. The learning sessions have been limited to 3.5 hours per day and the total length of the course runs over 5 consecutive days. To allow for more interaction between the teacher and participants, each session includes dedicated Q&A time. Additionally, each session is recorded and made available to the participants to watch in their own time. Attendees that cannot join the remote training will also benefit from an extra live Q&A session with DNV’s experts.

Benefits to the customer
The online training cuts out the need for extensive travelling, which is currently not possible due to coronavirus restrictions, with the added bonus that it allows participants to reduce their environmental impact and It also enables participants to fit the sessions into their schedule, allowing them to participate in the training to suit their schedule.  This also increases the take-up rate for a training courses, as the flexibility of the remote learning sessions greatly minimizes the impact on the participant’s daily commercial work.

We had a very good experience in accessing the valuable training resources that you have provided. The training has provided our engineers with an overall outlook to the wind industry; from wind technology, turbine design, certification and lifetime extension, to asset management and future tech trend.

  • Jun Wang ,
  • Certification Engineer ,
  • Goldwind

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Wind turbine technology

This course offers an unbiased insight into the modern wind turbine's design process, techniques, disciplines and tools.