Are you able to leverage big data to boost your productivity and value creation?

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Increased connectivity, new capabilities for capturing, storing, processing, presenting data, and transmission of large volumes of varied data at high velocity have developed significantly in the past few years, resulting in the potential availability of extensive data sets to most companies.

This survey involved 1,189 professionals across industries worldwide and highlights that big data is seen as a reason for optimism from a business point of view. It represents an opportunity for a large part of the sample. Although the awareness of its importance is noteworthy and widespread, the ability to leverage big data to boost productivity and value creation is still rare.

Some key findings:

  • 52 % see big data as an opportunity rather than a threat.
  • 1/4 has a clear strategy on big data.
  • 23 % find increased efficiency as the main benefit from big data, followed by better decision making, improved customer experience and engagement and achieved financial savings.
  • About 50 % develop in-house competence on big data, while 20% work with external partners.
  • 76 % plan to maintain or even increase big data investments.

For complete findings, please download the report and infographic below.

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Are you able to leverage Big data to boost your productivity and value creation?


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