Online self assessment suite

Any participant in a DNV Management System course will gain free, exclusive access to the self-assessment suite.

DNV's self-assessment suite is an online tool allowing companies to run professional self-assessments focused on specific management system standards, check-lists or risk areas, and generate comprehensive readiness scored reports of company performance.   Gaining access to the suite provides you with tools to support you with continual learning following the course completion. The training experience extends beyond the classroom to your working environment, enabling you to:  
  • Consolidate what you have learnt with a themed check-list holding the key concepts learnt in the class 
  • Get an actionable tool to quickly implement and practice learnings 
  • Get a quick auto-feedback on the effectiveness of what was learnt 
Who should deploy the online self-assessment suite? 

The online self-assessment suite can be useful for all types of organizations at any maturity level:  
  • If your company is approaching a risk area for the first time (e.g. quality risks, environment risks, health and safety risks, food safety risks, etc.), it can provide a baseline indication of your maturity level in managing such risks.  
  • If you are a company with well-established knowledge and a management system in place, you can get an indication of the improvements achieved within a given timeframe.  
The self-assessment suite can also help you get an overview of gaps towards compliance to a given standard. When you have completed the assessment, the tool will generate a thorough management and operative report. It is based on your answers to the set of questions and requirements investigated, providing detailed scores for the different areas of the chosen standard or risk area. 

Are you ready to start? 
Visit to login. You will be sent a welcome email with a User ID and Password to access the online self-assessment suite. For further information you can access the tutorial.