Benefits in DNV India


Health, wellbeing and real work-life balance are important to us:

Ergonomic workplace

Sit/stand desks, high quality adjustable chairs and balance balls are just a few examples of what ergonomic office means at DNV. We also make it easier for you to arrange your working space at home with a desk grant.

A wide variety of beverages

Never mind if you’re a coffee lover, a green tee enthusiast or prefer a regular black tea. We’ve got hot beverages for all tastes!

GREEN Initiatives

At DNV we take environment seriously. That’s why DNV is carbon neutral, we run or participate in GREEN initiatives and have a well-established group of environment lovers. Feel like joining?

Need to take better care of youself?

Medical package and wellbeing initiatives

Apart from a medical health care package, where you can sign up your spouse and children, you get to participate in many well-being initiatives we run periodically for our employees. Workshops, webinars, consultations with specialists are just a few examples.


DNV is a fundation – sharing runs in our blood.

Profit Share 

At DNV we work together and succeed together. On reaching the company’s targets, all employees receive an annual profit share bonus.

Referral scheme for employees

We spend 1/3 of our lives at work, so it really does matter who we work with. At DNV you can not only help the company find the best candidates, but also benefit from referring a friend.

Events and celebrations

Make your special day even more special, DNV gives you vouchers for special occasions like Weddings, Work Anniversaries and every year for Christmas.


Wouldn’t be the world’s leader, if we followed others. We dare to differ.

Flexible hybrid work

Explore new ways of working. Hybrid work model: a mix of remote work and work from the office plus flexible working hours (starting work 7-9). Because we understand that on some days you’re more effective from the office, and on others – from home.

Equal career paths

For us both managerial and specialist career tracs are equally valued, so you get to switch between these roles – without taking a step back in your career.

Education support

Are you planning to gain new competences to develop within DNV? We have different ways to support your academic education to enhance skills relevant for your job.