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Data models and people - DNV GL - Digital Solutions

What do we do in Poland

"We work on core applications features as well as deliver interface products like APIs, mobile apps, using among others TypeScript, React, Redux NET Core, .NET 6, Dapper, MS SQL."

Kamil, Head of QHSE Poland

"Our portfolio is extensive as we continuously work on new  projects. We have already completed over 100 projects."

Pawel, Head of Engineering Poland

"Our full stack team builds Smart Cable Guard, a system which is used to predict and localize, with significant precision, energy cable failures."

Wiktor, Team Lead, Engineering Poland

"The purpose of my team is to accelerate cloud adoption at DNV through supporting development of cloud-native solutions."

Katarzyna, Head of Cloud Excellence Center

"Our tools vary greatly, from PowerShell scripts, through ARM templates, Azure DevOps, Kubernetes and containerization tooling to Visio architectural diagrams."

Marcin, Head of Cloud Architecture Services

"We are Software Developers, Software Architects , UX Designers, Security Engineers and Test Automation Engineers - truly exceptional people with a lot of experience which makes our unit perfect place to start or develop your career further."

Adam, Head of Collaboration Platform

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Why is it worth working with us?

New Technologies    

„In DNV we're in constant chase after ever changing technologies. This is particularly true when it comes to delivering software in cloud.

Hands on experience with cutting edge software technologies and delivery techniques gives me great opportunity to learn and develop my skills.”

Szymon, Senior Cloud Architect

Szymon Wilk

Work Autonomy

„In DNV I appreciate positive support for my personal development and work culture based on a trust.

I like being responsible for finding solutions, which I can always discuss or have a peer review.

We help each other to grow as technical experts.”

Tadeusz, Senior Analytics Solutions Developer

Tadeusz Balcer

Talent Developmet – career boost

„DNV is a great place to start your career, where you have the opportunity to attend many valuable courses and receive funding for your studies. 

Even without experience, you get meaningful tasks, making you feel that your job matters. 

Everyone is really open to sharing all their knowledge and there is always someone to help when advice is needed.

I have experienced it myself starting as an intern and now being Software Developer.. „

Antonina, Software Developer

Antonina Brzeska

Talent Developmet – global outlook

„With global presence, DNV gives you an opportunity to gain international experience by relocation to different parts of the world. Digital Solutions has offices in countries like Singapore, UK, Norway, US, China, which allow employees move internally for temporary or permanent assignments. I decided to work from Singapore for 3 years which had become a lifetime experience.”

Kamill, Senior Solution Consultant, Asset Integrity

Kamil Smialkowski

Real Work-Life Balance  

„When my second son was born my wife wanted to return to her work after 6 month and I thought that it's good opportunity to spend more time with my family.

When I asked for four months of paternity leave, I felt not only supported be also encouraged by an involved managers.

I believe in DNV we have good understanding what 'work-life' balance is about."

Paweł, Senior UI/UX Designer 

Pawel Morawski

Benefits – DNV’s TOP 6

Flexible model of working and modern office with ergonomic equipment

Mixture of home and office work so that you can easily combine your life with work.

Scandinavian Culture

Working style with emphasis on trust and empowerment.

Investment in employees 

Paid internship, scholarship; support in trainings, upskilling  and continuous learning

Securing your future 

Saving up is far easier with DNV. 5% of your monthly income is paid to your PPE account by DNV

Mental Health Helpline

In DNV we understand that taking good care of yourself and building resilience is now more important than ever

33 days of fully paid sick leave by employer

No loss on your salary when you are on sick leave as DNV tops up to your full salary. You can recover at ease.

We are looking for

Cloud Operations / DevOps Engineer

DNV Cloud Excellence Center purpose is to accelerate cloud adoption at DNV through supporting of development and maintenance of cloud-native solutions. We improve the production efficiency by realizing key benefits of Cloud Platform (high availability, cost effectiveness, security) on the corporate scale. To achieve this goal, Cloud Architecture Services unit is looking for Cloud Operations/DevOps Engineer for DNV Gdynia office.

Frontend web developer

As an experienced and passionate frontend web developer, you are looking for new challenges and want to play a central role in creating high-quality and elegant code? You can play a significant role in the company's success and will create growth and value for our clients, as a part of an agile and interdisciplinary team of a global company.

Intern in Digital Solutions - QHSE Team

Our Digital Solutions unit is looking for talented, curious candidates interested in self-development and professional growth to join our QHSE Team as an Intern.

Full stack developer

Ship Product Line looking for a talented and proactive person who will join our team in Gdynia as a Full-stack software developer to help us evolve our software and data products.

Our company purpose, vision and values

Since 1864, our Purpose has been to safeguard life, property and the environment. Our Vision is to be a trusted voice to tackle global transformations.
Our Values are beliefs that shape our performance; these ideals are the behaviours expected of all employees in DNV:

WE CARE for each other, our customers, our planet, and we take care of ourselves.
WE DARE to explore, to experiment, to be different, and to be courageous, curious and creative.
WE SHARE our experience and knowledge. We collaborate with each other and our customers, and we continue to grow and develop as a result.